Group Tours

The Lee-Fendall House welcomes private groups to visit the museum. Private group tours must be reserved in advance by submitting a Program Reservation Form and paying a deposit. Please call (703) 548-1789 or email for more information.

In addition to regular historic tours of the house and grounds, the Lee-Fendall House also offers a variety of special topic tours and walking tours. These programs are available to private groups (minimum of 5 people) by advance reservation.


Enjoy a private tour of the historic Lee-Fendall House & Garden, which has been a witness to over two hundred years of local and national history. Tour length is 45 minutes. Fee: $10 per person. 

Under the Same Roof: Enslaved and Free Workers at the Lee-Fendall House: This tour explores the Lee-Fendall House through the stories of the African Americans who lived and worked in the house as domestic workers, both before and after the Civil War. This tour will include parts of the house that are not regularly open to the public. Tour length is 75 minutes.  Fee: $10 per person.

Stories in the Architecture: Venture behind the scenes, from the basement to the attic, and explore the history of the Lee-Fendall House through its architecture. Changes in style and home technology have all left their mark on the home, from when it was built in 1785 through its continued use as a home in the twentieth century. This tour will include parts of the house that are not regularly open to the public. Tour length is 75 minutes. Fee: $10 per person.

The Women of Lee-Fendall House: Join us as we trace the experiences of the women who have shaped the Lee-Fendall House over the centuries. Beginning in 1791 with Mary Lee Fendall, the tour will culminate in the story of the women who fought to save the house from development in the 1970s. Tour length is 75 minutes. Fee: $10 per person.

Blood and Strikes: American Labor in the 20th Century: From deadly mine explosions to wartime strikes, the history of the 20th century American labor movement is full of violence and controversy. Explore the struggle for worker’s rights and its legacy at the home of one of the labor movement’s most powerful spokesmen, John L. Lewis. Tour length is 75 minutes. Fee: $10 per person.


The Lee-Fendall House offers a variety of walking tours of the historic Old Town area.  Minimum group size is 5 people.  Participants are encouraged to dress for the weather, wear comfortable shoes, and bring bottled water.

Beyond the Battlefield – The Civil War in Alexandria:  This tour tells the stories of soldiers, citizens, and self-liberated African Americans during the Civil War. Covers the occupation of Alexandria, the use of private homes and hospitals, and emancipation.  Tour length is 90 minutes.  Fee: $15 per person.

Prohibition in Alexandria:  Discover the forgotten stories of teetotalers and bootleggers on this walking tour of Prohibition-era Alexandria. Learn about the dramatic campaign to ban alcohol in Virginia which threatened a long local tradition of alcohol production and sale. Tour length is 90 minutes. Fee: $15 per person.