Welcome to the Lee-Fendall House blog!  Under the guidance of museum staff, the blog will feature research and conversation about the house, its collections and history.  Various members of the staff will contribute to the blog, and all articles will reflect the efforts and opinions of the individual writers.  Please leave comments and raise questions about the posts.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, or get ideas about topics you would like us to explore.  Although we do reserve the right to delete offensive views, we are truly interested in hearing what you really think about our ideas and research.  And while this blog will focus on museum research and events, we will still be continuing our other blog that focuses on weddings and rentals: https://leefendallevents.wordpress.com/

As the first staff member up to bat, I’m pleased to introduce myself and the blog at the same time.  In my role as the new Museum Assistant at the Lee-Fendall House, I’ve quickly discovered that there is a lot to learn about this beautiful old house.  Every day I’m impressed by the depth and breadth of knowledge that the Director, the volunteers, and interns possess about this site, as well as their passion to further explore and delve into the many stories this house holds.  They all have something unique to contribute, and this blog will be an interesting platform for them to tell you what they know.  From intriguing objects in the collection, to new stories uncovered in records, this blog should be a fun read for all those interested in the past and future of the Lee-Fendall House.

We hope you tune in periodically to see what’s new at the Museum, and what’s currently caught our fancy.  This blog promises to be eclectic, as our interests here range from nineteenth-century decorative arts to the marriages of Phillip Richard Fendall Sr. (in case you were wondering, he married three times over the course of his life, and all to Lee women). We hope to make new discoveries along the way, and we look forward to your comments.  Stay tuned!

— Lauren Maloy, Museum Assistant