Here we are in the dead of winter again and it’s a typical Northern Virginia one. The temperature won’t make up its mind (reached 60 degrees last week but didn’t make it out of the 20’s on Sunday.) Snow is always on the forecast and always going to arrive during our rush hour(s) (because I-95 isn’t bad enough on a dry, sunny day). This time of year seems slow, cold, and boring. BUT that’s what makes it a perfect time of year to come to historic sites.  If you are a local, you know tourist season is just around the corner.  More buses, more school children and more traffic.  Beat the crowds: take advantage of interesting historic sites in your neighborhood. With a little research you can probably find one just around the corner, where you always wondered “what’s down that road?” At Lee-Fendall House this coming March we are providing a little bit of encouragement by having another NO ADMISSION MONTH! Not all museums are open during the winter so take advantage of the ones that are. By regularly checking the websites of local historic sites you may find that they are having special offers, like no admission, or are holding special events, like our 14th Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Even if a site is closed, they may be having a one day program open to the public; just driving by it to get a better look or understanding of where it is at can prepare you for when it is open. So, if you are at home, already caught up on Downton Abbey, and bored, check out your local historic sites. You may just find they are not what you expected and not so crowded! Don’t forget to look at our events page to see what special events Lee-Fendall is holding throughout the year!

-Karen Fossum, Museum Assistant